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ULF is fully licensed and accredited independent Lebanese institution of higher education with undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.

A spirit of innovation and development has always characterised ULF, found some 15 years ago during a period of profound changes in Lebanese education.  Leaders, professionals and academicians from Lebanon and France were invited to join ULF Board of Trustees.  This step was taken with the assurance that dedication to the values of liberal arts education would continue to serve as the heart of philosophy of ULF as adapted to rapidly changing times.

In 2007 the University Centre for Technology became the University of Applied Sciences and Technology, Lebanese-French (ULF) better identifies the scope and range of the University’s academic programmes, the growth of its student populations, and its commitment to education quality, innovation and internationalism.  ULF currently enrols approximately 1200 students in Lebanon.



This bulletin represents the graduate curriculum of The University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Lebanese-French (ULF)  www.ulf.edu.lb , Lebanon, which is offered in Lebanon and abroad.  Students are advised that not all courses are offered every year or on both programmes in Lebanon or abroad.  Each programme publishes a schedule of courses each year.  For complete description of the University’s academic programmes, students are referred to  the official catalogues of the graduate school or the Graduate School Admissions Office.

The statements set forth in this bulletin are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as the basis of a contract between a student and this institution.  ULF reserves the right to change any statement made in this bulletin, including but not limited to academic requirements for graduation, without actual notice to individual students.  Every effort will be made to keep students advised of any changes.  The student is responsible for knowing current graduation requirements for his or her particular programme whether in Lebanon or in abroad.

Lebanese student, resident in Lebanon, who wishes to study at our programme abroad should contact the coordinator for study abroad in the Graduate School Admissions Office, Lebanon.  Student resident outside Lebanon who wishes to study in our overseas programme should contact ULF  MBA Administration office, Lebanon 00 961 6 425 608/609, facsimile 00961 6 425 609 or by email: MBA-Administration@ulf.edu.lb.


Maritime Solutions

The graduate degree programme begins with the conviction that there are many professional people who require education with some build-in flexibility to meet their needs; that rather than a specialised, structured degree they desire a degree programme which allows them to attain a level of graduate competence in an area of concentration and still have ability to incorporate into their educational experiences an exposure to other areas in the Business Administration.

Within the context indicated above, ULF seeks to provide through the master programme a course of study with a high degree of academic quality and concern for a well rounded education as well as graduate-level competence in business administration.



Management and Research Consulting

The master of business administration degree is designed for students who want a quantitative orientation to their graduate work at the master’s degree level.  ULF MBA is for individuals who have progressed beyond entry-level managerial positions within an organisation.  Candidates generally pursue the MBA degree to prepare themselves for positions with expanded responsibilities and upper level management assignments.  The scope of the programme is to provide the student with a depth and breadth exposure in each of the functional disciplines and a comprehensive understanding of the human dimension in business and management.

The MBA programme has two tracks.  Track 1 is a four full load semesters distributed over two years.  A student is required to take three semesters of courses and the last semester is designated to the MBA Thesis.  Track 2 is designed for students with non-business degree; they are required to take additional 4 preparatory courses over Track 1.

ULF MBA does not have an area of emphasis.  To complete ULF degree, a student must pass all required courses and thesis.



Services include

ULF MBA programme is fully licensed and accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education.